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Alhamdulillah 4 houses in New York: Qazi Maruf


Alhamdulillah 4 houses in New York: Qazi Maruf

Kazi Maruf, the son of famous director and actor Kazi Hayat of Dhakai films, no longer works in films. Living permanently in distant America. He got the country’s green card in 2019.

Acting whose blood why he left the country and emigrated to the United States? How is his expatriate life going?

Earlier, this famed hero of “History” candidly recounted that he left the country and came to the United States in search of bread. And like everyone else, he lives here working.

This hero said he wasn’t just staying there. He has already taken possession of four houses.

Kazi Maruf said so on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

Posting a photo of four houses in New York, he wrote in the caption – ‘Alhamdulillah four houses in New York. I did not buy a house with the country’s money. I bought a house here with difficulty. Send the money to the opposite country. There is nothing in the country from which I can bring money. Pray.’

Although he said Alhamdulillah, Maruf expressed regret in his previous post. He expressed his desire to return to Bangladesh.

In that message, he wrote: “I love the country, but does the country love me?” I will come to live tomorrow (today). To tell you, why am I in America? I also want to live in Bangladesh. When I see the plane, I really want to go home. I want to, but that’s it. But I will tell the story tomorrow on YouTube.

Incidentally, in 2002, Maruf made his Dhallywood debut with the film “Itihas” directed by Baba Kazi Hayat. He starred in the first film. The film was a commercial success, with Maruf winning the National Film Award for Best Actor. After that, he acted in about 37 films.

He received accolades for playing the title role in the movie Derakshi. However, her role as Kashem in the film Eve Teasing is more popular.

In 2014, his Sarbanasa Yaba directed by Kazi Hayat was also a commercial success. Some of the movies he has acted in include ‘Andhkar’, ‘Another Manush’, ‘Captain Maroof’, ‘Shramik Neta’, ‘Garibe Boy Baraloker Mey’, ‘Ain Bara Na Ishan Bara’, ‘Rastaar Boy’, ‘ Panch Takkar Prem’, ‘Unsettled Mind’, ‘My Dreams’, ‘Mother My Knowledge, ‘My Mother My Pride’, ‘I Can Die For My Mother’, ‘Ten Days Of The Rich One Day Of The Poor’, ‘ Slumdog Millionaire’, ‘They Didn’t Let Me Be Better’, ‘Crazy for Mother’, ‘One-Taka Boy Million-Taka Girl’, ‘Leave Arms Take Pen’, ‘Wanted’ are some of them.

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