Ali has been missing for two years – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Ali has been missing for two years – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Cultural personality Ali Zaker has been absent for two years. On this day in 2020, he left for the land of no return. Born in 1944 in Ratanpur village of Nabinagar upazila of Brahmanbaria district. Ali Zaker was the third of four siblings. His father Mohammad Taher was a senior government official.

Ali Zaker spent his childhood in Kushtia and Madaripur due to his father’s job transfer. Ali Zaker first performed in Munir Chowdhury’s play Kabar on February 21, 1972. In June of the same year, he joined the civic theater community. Citizen has been his address ever since. He is the actor and director of many popular plays including “Baki Itihasa”, “Nurladin’s Sara Jeevan”, “Saat Manaan Chake”, “Dewan Gazi’s Story”, “Kopenic’s Captain”, “Galileo”, Macbeth.

He also gained popularity by starring in television dramas. Ali Zaker gained popularity by acting in many dramas including “Aaj Nidhini”, “Bahubrihi”, “Tathapi”, “Pathor”, “Deyal”. He has done more than 50 radio dramas. Acted in several films. Wrote original plays for television. He has written regularly in daily newspapers on various subjects for a long time. Books published – ‘From that Arunodaya’, ‘Nirmal Jyoti’s Joy’.

He also loves photography. President of the Ali Zaker Citizen Drama Society. One of the administrators of the Liberation War Museum. Full Member of the Royal Photographic Society of the United Kingdom. Received many awards and honors including Ekushe Padak, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Award, Bangabandhu Award, Munir Chowdhury Padak, Naren Biswas Padak. His family consisted of famous actress wife Sara Zaker, actor son Iresh Zaker, son wife Mim Rashid, granddaughter Neha and daughter Shriya Sarvajaya. He leaves everything and does not go to the country of return.

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