Alkar’s world record, his song is played 42 million times every day!

Alkar’s world record, his song is played 42 million times every day!

Debut in the 80s, skyrocketing popularity in the 90s, it also pulled the trend in the latest period. Due to his age, however, he is not found in many new songs. But he gave all these songs in a melodious voice, they always keep the audience in awe.

We are talking about the famous Bollywood singer, Alka Yagnik. In addition to popularity in a long career, he received numerous awards and honors. This 56-year-old artist has achieved a world record. In 2022, his song is the most played on YouTube.

Guinness World Records revealed the information through a report. It is said that last year Alka Yagnik’s song was played on YouTube 15.3 billion times! In other words, his song is played 42 million times every day. As a result, the title of last year’s “most streamed act on YouTube” went to Alka.

The most surprising thing is that Alka Yagnik has held this record for three years. In 2020, his song was played 16.6 billion times. In 2021 it was 17 billion!

After Alka Yagnik in the 2022 stats, Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny. His song has been streamed 14.7 billion times.

The other three in the top five are also from India. They are Udit Narayan (10.8 billion), Arijit Singh (10.7 billion) and Kumar Shanu (9.09 billion).

However, the extremely popular group from South Korea “BTS” is slightly behind in this list. Their song has been played 7.95 billion times. The song by girl group ‘Black Pink’ from the same country has been listened to 7.03 billion times.

According to the Guinness World Records report on Alka Yagnik, “Queen of Playback Singing”, this artist is Bollywood’s most iconic voice. He has recorded over 20,000 songs and his career spans four decades.

Alka Yagnik born in Calcutta has sung in different languages. But he had the most success in Hindi movie songs. He sang many timeless songs. Some of them are – ‘Dil Laga Lea’, ‘Rab Kare Tujhko Vi’, ‘Dekhneh Wale’, ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’, ‘Peyar Ki Kashti Mein’, ‘Gore Gore Mukhde Pe’, ‘Kisi Disco Mein ‘, ‘Orni’, ‘Chand Chupa Badal Mein’, ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’, ‘Kavi Alvida Na Kehna’, ‘Rah Mein Unse’, ‘Lal Dupatta’, ‘Mera Dil Vi Kitna Pagal Hai’, ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho” etc..

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