Alleged attempted kidnapping of journalist, head of Savar Municipal A.League detained

Alleged attempted kidnapping of journalist, head of Savar Municipal A.League detained

Savar upazila chairman Manjurul Alam Rajeev was accused of beating and attempting to kidnap Savar’s private television representative Ashraf Sizel for publishing the news.

An attempt was made to attack and abduct Ashraf Seizel outside his house in Bhatpara Mohalla, Savar Municipal area on Sunday afternoon. During this incident, Ashraf filed a written complaint at the model police station in Savar mentioning the names of 4 people, including the president of the upazila.

The accused are the president of Savar Upazila, Manjurul Alam Rajib, the president of Aminbazar Union Parishad, Rakib Ahmed, the local journalist and the organizing secretary of the Savar Press Club, Roshan. Apart from this, a written complaint was also filed against 8-10 unidentified people.

Savar City Awami League leader Mohsin Babu was arrested over the complaint.

Confirming the complaint, OC Deepak Chandra Saha of Savar Model Police Station said that we have received the written complaint. Mohsin Babu mentioned in the complaint has already been arrested. Preparations are underway to initiate further legal action in this regard.

According to the written complaint, the chairman of Savar Upazila, Manjurul Alam Rajeev, and the chairman of Aminbazar Union Parishad, Rakib Ahmed, were angry when a news item was published on this television on Sunday with the title “The office of Aminbazar Union Parishad is dangerous, the president was not notified even after 5 months.On their orders, Mohsin Babu, 8-10 unidentified people including Roshan attacked Ashraf Sizel outside his house in Bhatpara Mohalla of the municipal area of Savar on Sunday afternoon and attempted to kidnap him.

Ashraf Sizel complained and said that after the publication of the report, the President of Upazila Parishad and the President of UP, Rakib Hossain, became angry. Later, on their orders, a group of terrorists beat me with a gun to my head and tried to take me from my house. Later, I ran for my life. I went to the police station after receiving first aid at Savar Upazila Health Complex and filed a written complaint.

Asked about the complaint, Savar Upazila chairman Manjurul Alam Rajib said, “I don’t know.” I now learn that a complaint has been filed on my behalf at the police station. However, if someone attacks a journalist, they must be investigated and brought to justice. And falsely accused me.

Aminbazar Union Parishad Chairman Rakib Ahmed said the report that was made is positive for me. We also want the building to be renovated. I don’t understand why he sued me.

When asked, the accused local reporter Roshan said, me and TV cameraman Ujjwal were standing and talking. I sit on the motorcycle. Suddenly I saw Ashraf Sizel running. Nothing else happened beyond that. I now learn that a complaint has been filed against me.

Savar Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Sayemul Huda said Ashraf Sizel received first aid from our hospital around 5pm. He has minor injuries on the upper part of his knee. Moreover, there were no other wound marks on his body.

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