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Allu Arjun | Allu Arjun will finally start shooting Pushpa 2 from December 12 dgtl

Allu Arjun | Allu Arjun will finally start shooting Pushpa 2 from December 12 dgtl

Where has the hero disappeared to because the work is about to begin? A few days ago, people from home and abroad took to the streets to hear the news of “Pushpa 2”. I finally got some news. Allu Arjun has returned from Russia. According to the source from the production company, filming will begin in full swing from December 12.


Audiences are eagerly awaiting the sequel to ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ ‘Pushpa: The Rule’. Although the film was announced several days ago, there was no news on when work would start. After which part of the public lost patience. Producer Naveen Yarneni has informed that filming will start from October 20 to 30 from Hyderabad. After that, go to the forest. After that in other places. Even though it started like that, the work of ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ didn’t progress much. Because Hero Allu himself was busy. A person close to the producer said, “Allu Arjun returned home in the middle of the night after finishing promoting the film in Russia. Stop taking breaks. Go straight to the board and start working. It shot continuously for the next 15 days. After that, he said filming will start in Hyderabad from December 12 as it was said. The work will be completed smoothly.

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The news 'Pushpa 2' is not available!  Arjun's fans protesting at home and abroad!

The news ‘Pushpa 2’ is not available! Arjun’s fans protesting at home and abroad!

The directors had rehearsed filming last month. Allu was there. December 17 will mark the end of a year since the release of ‘Pushpa: The Rise’. On this occasion, some glimpses of the rehearsal shooting of the sequel will be presented.

After the release of ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ in December 2021, seeing the enthusiasm of the public, the production team thought of making a second part. Arjun also plays the role of Pushpa Raj in this film directed by Sukumar. The bandit who smuggled blood sandalwood from the forest under the nose of the policemen, is this time the actor of the same role. Rashmika will be seen again in the role of her lover Srivalli. And the policeman? Fahad Fasil will wear his uniform.


In a recent interview, Arjun said, “I feel very happy. I feel the excitement inside. Because ‘Pushpa 2’ is coming. An amazing opportunity after the first phase, where we can give our best. themselves.”

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