Alluding to Rituparna what Srilekha said

Alluding to Rituparna what Srilekha said

Entertainment desk: The phenomenon of rivalry in the world of showbiz is not new. There are also conflicts between Tollywood actors and actresses. The emotional conflict between Rituparna Sengupta and Srilekha Mitra is old.

Srilekha has a reputation as an outspoken actress in Tollywood. Be it acting or politics, Srilekha shares posts from comments on various topics. Didi from the Tollywood industry i.e. Rituparna is often seen competing with her.

Incidentally, Durga Puja is the best Bengali festival. Prior to this, Mahalaya, Durga’s dress contest, is held every year. This year was no exception. Colors Bengal was the first to announce that Rituparna will be Maa Durga on their channel. Recently, Srilekha herself shared a video of Mahalaya from Rituparna on social media.

He wrote in the caption sarcastically – ‘Oh the afternoon just froze. Oh what a loss, I am truly speechless. Why will you give me a job in Taliganj? Naturally, this position of the actress once again provoked the Tollywood film industry. Along with that, the comments section overflowed with comments.

One wrote: “So many ganjakhuri stories. The State Fire and Electrical Department is presented free of charge by Hawaii Chatti Chete. I don’t know why these stories are presented with animation.

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Another person wrote, “Fruit Ninja GameApp Fruit Ninja GameApp Asur fruit slices like Dil Ray Baba fruit slices”.

Source: Hindustan Times

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