Also rewarded for his presentation


Also rewarded for his presentation

Purnima won the National Film Award for the first time in the film “Ora Mahe Bhohi Hida Naa” directed by Kazi Hayat. However, Purnima fans and many talented directors also commented after receiving the award that Purnima should have won the National Film Award much sooner. But Purnima did not receive the National Film Award for her performance in many good films, but she won the Best Actress award at the 2010 National Film Awards.

Poornima has also received a lot of praise in her presentation over the past few years. Purnima has gained acclaim by presenting at various corporate shows outside of Dhaka, Dhaka and also on various TV channels. Recently, Purnima was awarded as the best presenter of ‘Deepta TV Sammanna 2022’. This is the first time he has received recognition for his presentation.

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Purnima said, “Besides acting, my fans have been inspiring me since I started presenting. If I hadn’t been motivated, I might not have had the courage to move on. The love and encouragement from the public gave me the courage to push forward and do better. My sincere gratitude to the authorities of Deepta TV and all concerned for honoring me as a presenter.

Also, sincere gratitude and love to all my fans and viewers. Because they always supported me by my side, I was able to move forward in the presentation. This award gave me the motivation to move forward.

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Meanwhile, Purnima started working a few days ago on the government grant film “Ahare Jiban” directed by Chhatku Ahmed. Ferdous is opposite him in this. And Naeem Imtiaz Neyamul directed the movies “Gangchil” and “Jam” awaiting release. Other than that, Purnima is not working in any new movies at the moment.

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