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Also this year there will be a big event for Parimani’s birthday


Also this year there will be a big event for Parimani’s birthday

Parimony is a popular Dhallywood actress. In 2015, he made his big screen debut with the film ‘Valobasa Seema Meen’. After that he gave several popular movies including ‘Rakta’, ‘Amar Prem Amar Priya’, ‘Swapnjal’, ‘Vishwasundari’.

Parimani’s birthday will be October 24. Every year, he celebrates his birthday in style. This actress is looking forward to the day. He appeared in front of everyone in a different look every time on his birthday.

Last year, Pari appeared as an aviator. The place was decorated like a cockpit. This event was at the center of discussions across the country. He has already started the preparations for the birthday party. On the night of October 16, he posted a photo related to his birthday on Facebook. Images of birthday gifts. Although the gift was given to her by the heroine in question.

He wrote in the caption, “Gave myself a present. Advance Happy Birthday Paris.’

Regarding the birthday, Parimoni told the media, “My birthday is always special. This time will be special. I want to celebrate the day with pleasure. I don’t want to be upset. I’m really happy with the birth. Thank God. This time, the level of happiness will increase a lot. Because this time I am not alone, the kingdom is with me. So very happy, I want to celebrate the day specially.’

There is a dress code for guests on Parimani’s birthday. What is it now? He also said that this time there might be a combination of blue and white. I am thinking of a blue-white or turquoise-white color combination. I will tell you the dress code in advance.

However, Parimoni did not agree to say where the birthday party will be held.


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