Although he is the son of a superstar, Akshay’s son is an exception

Although he is the son of a superstar, Akshay’s son is an exception

Entertainment desk: There’s no end to fans’ curiosity about the stars’ lives. There is no less interest in child stars, what kind of clothes they wear, what kind of food they eat, who they hang out with, etc. Many children of Bollywood stars have yet to start acting. But they are under discussion for various reasons.

Aarav Kumar, the son of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, is a bit different. Other child stars are busy partying all year round; Their omnipresence can be read on social networks. Like their parents, most child stars want to pursue a career in Bollywood. But Aarav is quite the opposite. Famous ‘Khiladi’ hero Akshay gave the information during an appearance at a Hindustan Times event.

Ram Charan, the southern movie star, appeared with Akshay in this event. He also became an actor following the path of Father Chiranjeevi. He said there was a lot of talk about acting with his father at home. On the same stage, Akshay Kumar explained the reverse image of his house.

Akshay Kumar said, “I was just thinking how different the picture is in my house. I want to show my son films, talk to him about films. But he doesn’t want to watch the movie. As much as I want him in the movie, he doesn’t want to be in any of these. He is busy with his work; She wants to study or do fashion design.

Akshay Kumar married actress Twinkle Khanna in 2001. The couple’s first child Aarav Kumar was born in 2002. He is currently busy studying abroad. The couple also have a daughter named Nitara Kumar. He was born in 2012. Nitara cannot be seen in the media!

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