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Anant Jalil will pursue international justice!


Anant Jalil will pursue international justice!

The film ‘Din: The Day’, jointly produced by Bangladesh and Iran, was released last Eid-ul-Azha. Produced by Iranian director and co-producer Mortaza Atash Zamzam, it stars Anant Jalil and Varsha in the lead roles. After the film was released, they argued.

After Bangladesh, ‘Din: The Day’ with Anant Jalil and Varsha was released in Malaysia last September. Jalil and Varsha went there on the occasion of the release of the film. In the meantime, the film’s release has been announced in Singapore. “Din: The Day” director and one of the producers Murtaza Atash Zamzam claimed that it was all done without permission. He also expressed his anger in a post on his Instagram.

Murtaza Atash Zamzam wrote to Anant Jalil on his Instagram afternoon last Friday: “After Bangladesh, you released the movie in Malaysia without my permission as producer and director and now you announced to release it in Singapore. Soon, the nature of your fraud will be exposed in the courts of Iran, and then I will recover my rights from you by going to the learned courts of Bangladesh.

However, Anant Jalil denied this allegation. He has already sent a lawyer’s note to Murtaza Atash Zamzam about this.

In a written statement sent to the media, Anant Jalil warned that he would take legal action against those who “powered” Zamzam from inside the country to “defame” him. He also said he would soon file a complaint with the international tribunal.

Earlier, Anant Jalil claimed that the budget of the film is 100 crores. According to the deal reached in 2018, the film’s budget is more than 4 crore in Bangladeshi currency, Murtaza Atash Zamzam said. At that time, in addition to the publication of this contract, the director brought several complaints against Anant, in particular for non-payment of contributions, change of script and location of filming.

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