And to the ‘Priya’ from the song Priya, said Asif

And to the ‘Priya’ from the song Priya, said Asif

Popular singer Asif Akbar has dominated the country’s music scene for nearly two decades. Apart from the music, it is regularly mentioned for various reasons.

Asif’s official musical career began on January 29, 2001. On that day, the most popular and commercially successful album in the history of the country’s audio industry, “O Priya Tumi Kair”, was released. got out. After this album, he didn’t have to look back.

Asif is no longer seen in concert as before. However, the popular musician recently attended a concert at the open stage of Jahangirnagar University. Besides singing the popular song “O Priya Tumi Kare” which was released 22 years ago, he also talked about Priya in this song.

Asif graced the stage for the Freshmen Admission, Anniversary and Farewell Reception of the Student Welfare Association of Mymensingh District of Jahangirnagar University last Sunday.

At that time he said, ‘I have no connection to that song. Being Priya, she was a lyricist’s dream. He was a songwriter’s dream. If this Priya was a girl, she is now a grandmother, married. And if it’s a boy, it’ll be a bit late.

Note that in 2001, under the banner of Soundtech, “O Priya Tumi Kare” was released on the market. At that time, the album sold 6 million copies and became the highest-grossing audio album of all time in the history of Bangladesh. The album has a total of 12 songs. Ithun Babu composed the lyrics and music for each song.

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