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And will not act against Raj: Vidya Sinha Meem


And will not act against Raj: Vidya Sinha Meem

“From promoting Damal with Raj to all the incidents that Raj’s wife, Parimoni, had with me on Facebook, it’s best not to work with Raj anymore. Not only that, Parimani also tagged me on the day of my birthday and gave a controversial status on Facebook. I’m surprised. This made my first birthday after the wedding swoon. My mother got sick after seeing all this.’ – Actress Vidya Sinha Meem said when asked why she doesn’t want to star with actor Raj.

Raj-Mim found success by acting as a duo in two films “Paran” and “Damal”. Manufacturers also began to hope for them. In this sequel, there were rumors that they were going to team up in a new movie. Raj and Meem were likely to be seen in director Raihan Jewell’s next film, Pathe Holo Deha. But Meem caused a problem there.

He said, “Two consecutive films with Raj have gone well for me”. Raj is a very good co-star. Directed by Jewel Bhai, the film was also set to star alongside Raj. But now I will not work against the king. I told the manager. As a reason, Meem also said, “There can be romantic scenes in the movie if the story requires it. Now if they do these scenes with Raj, distrust will be created again in their family, problems will be created. It will be a shame for me and my family. Socially and familyly, I can be degraded again. I want Raj and Parimani to be well.

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