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Angry at the open stage, Nagarjuna ran to see his son’s ex Samantha!


Angry at the open stage, Nagarjuna ran to see his son’s ex Samantha!

#Chennai: Samantha Ruth Prabhu is in great pain. Lying in the hospital bed trying to forget all the problems. He has been suffering from a complex autoimmune disease for several months. Meanwhile, news has spread that Nagarjuna is running to see his sick ex-wife. He will meet his son’s ex-wife very soon. But whether his son Naga Chaitanya will be with him, there is no definite news yet.

Samantha announced her divorce from Naga on October 2, 2021. Since then, there have been various speculations. Fans started looking for specific reasons for their divorce. And from there, rumors were heard about Samantha’s in-laws. The Southern superstar was unwilling to give his son’s wife all kinds of liberties. He had objections to acting in open scenes in the film. However, it is not known whether this is true or not.

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After that, it is learned that Nagarjuna is very upset after hearing about his former daughter-in-law’s illness. So decided to go meet. On the other hand, Naga’s half-brother Akhil Akkineni has only publicly prayed for Samantha’s speedy recovery. No one else has spoken publicly on behalf of the family.

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Recently, after Samantha announced the disease with a picture from the hospital on Instagram, the practice of this disease started everywhere.

Myositis is not a specific disease On the contrary, many rare physical complications are called myositis As a result, the immune system breaks down The main symptoms of myositis are muscle pain and weakness Which increases over time It is also possible that the affected person feels very weak after walking for some time Apart from this, other symptoms are weakness, fatigue, skin infection, thickening of skin on hands, difficulty in eating and in breathing, difficulty in walking, muscle aches are other symptoms of this disease.

Samantha wrote in her post: “I thought I’d break this news only after you recovered. But it’s taking a little longer to heal than I thought. I’m slowly realizing we don’t always have to be tough “Learning to accept this weakness. But the doctors hope I can fully recover soon. The good days and the bad, both physically and mentally…even when it felt like I couldn’t take another day, this moment happened one way or another.

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