Anjali was deliberately framed, the actress opened up about the MMS case

Anjali was deliberately framed, the actress opened up about the MMS case

Currently, Anjali Arora is one of the most familiar faces of the current generation. Besides the song “Kachcha Badam”, he was also seen in Kangana Ranaut’s reality show “Lock Up”. By coming to this show, he brought forward many truths of his life. From this show, the actress developed a different identity with the general public. But right now, Anjali Arora is in the spotlight for a very different reason. He opened his mouth about his MMS business.

Last year, Anjali Arora was in the spotlight in the media. Unexpectedly, a private MMS video of hers went viral on social media pages, for which Anjali must have been a little publicly shamed. It happened to him without his will. At that time, Anjali had been practicing in the media for several days based on the sources of this incident. And in this context, he made his statement publicly. His voice grew heavy as he spoke.

According to the actress, someone deliberately pushed her into such a situation. If you watch the viral video carefully, you will understand that she is not the girl seen in the video. With the help of technology, his face is simply placed in place of the woman’s face. Someone did this to embarrass her. What was the advantage of such an event! Although unknown, the actress openly cried while talking about her. For now, Anjali Arora is again in the spotlight of the media page due to the source of this incident.

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