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Anjan Dutt cried after singing Ayub Bachchu’s song in London


Anjan Dutt cried after singing Ayub Bachchu’s song in London

Neel Dutta sings on stage, why are you so misunderstood… Anjan Dutt was standing just off the stage in the dark and singing. With hundreds of spectators, meanwhile Anjan Dutt repeatedly wipes his eyes… At the end of the song, he said that Bachchu was my special friend.

Anjan Dutt’s live concert under the Nandan Arts banner took place on Sunday evening September 9 at the Brady Arts Center in East London. Filled to the brim, Anjan Dutt began by speaking. He used to say he’s a movie man, but his hobby music took him all over the world. Anjan Dutt said, in my lifetime, more Bangladeshis have listened to my music than Indian Bengals have listened to my music.

Then he started his famous songs one by one. Mary Ann’s Bellabos, Darjeeling’s Rain, Mister Hall’s Kanchenjunga… No song that Anjan Dutt couldn’t sing in full, he said, the audience sang the rest! Anjan Dutt just cleared his throat.

Anjan Dutt’s song means a basket of words. So about 3 hours of singing and conversation. Neel Dutt sings, you were my friend at ease, you are alone where good and evil mix… if we meet, in another world… will you still recognize me… why are you you so unknown… why did I hurt you…
Neel Dutt said before he sang this song, he met his dear friend in the elevator in Kolkata, he came to Kolkata for treatment… and then he sang, why are you so unknown…

Anjan Dutt repeatedly wiped her tears while singing the song. Anjan Dutt did not say with his mouth what he said with tears, friendship is like that, for a friend of the country, on this shore of the Seven Seas and Thirteen Rivers, a misty winter evening , the mind is pud. He set a precedent for debt-free friendship in Britain.

Rajeev Das Raju, head of organizer Nandan Arts, said the event was a great success with Nandan Arts, Slow Adda and Candids. There are plans to hold events in other cities across Britain in the future.

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