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Anjan Dutt’s ‘Revolver Rahasya’ Trailer Released

Anjan Dutt’s ‘Revolver Rahasya’ Trailer Released

Anjan Dutt’s ‘Revolver Rahasya’ hits the big screen with the story of Detective Danny. Suprabhat Das, Tanushree Chakraborty and other artists play the main roles in it.

In the meantime, the trailer for this film was released on Thursday, January 5. The film’s hero speaks to the audience throughout the trailer.

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According to the hero, he never thought of becoming a detective. He lived by showing magic. But suddenly, his life changes when someone falls on his way. He was to become a detective.

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It’s just a detective story. The detective in the story also fell in love while solving the mystery. Previously, Suprabhat Das starred in ‘Danny Detective INC’ directed by Anjan Dutt.

In an interview at the time, the actor said, “Every actor dreams of playing the lead role.” Sir (Anjan Dutt) suddenly came one day and said: Hello, get ready. You are the central character of my story. As I felt an excitement that day, it felt good.

It is reported that the release date of this movie has not been announced even though the trailer has been released.


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