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Anjana’s anguish before the announcement of the price in the film Aaram Junior by Dolly Jahoor

Anjana’s anguish before the announcement of the price in the film Aaram Junior by Dolly Jahoor

The film’s highest honor is the National Film Award. This award is given annually for his contribution to the motion picture industry. This prize will also be awarded this year.

The list of winners of the “National Film Awards 2021” has not been officially announced by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. However, various sources have revealed the possible names of the winners. It can be seen that Dolly Zahoor and Ilyas Kanchan jointly receive the Lifetime Film Award.

Actress Nandit Anjana is angry with the “Lifetime Film Award”. He asked the question – Why not Javed, Ujjal, Nutan, Sucharita, Shabnam?

Anjana, the actress who has won several national film awards, expressed her anger that Nutan, the main character of the first film “Ora 11 Jan”, about the war of liberation, was not on the list. Left the country with Bangladeshi citizenship and remained in love with Bengali cinema, even a strong actress like Sucharita was not considered – who has nothing but amazing films.

Shabnam Apa, why not Ujjal Bhai? They have worked in films for a long time. They contributed to the film. I think it’s because the jury is not dominated by people from the cinema. Therefore, I will definitely ask film people to consider the film awards in the future.

Veteran actress Sujatha is on the jury. He is also a filmmaker. Anjana said, “I don’t want to say much about the jury. But what I can say is that there are still many senior artists who contributed to the film who could have received a lifetime award. Dolly Jahoor is my youngest in the movie Aapa.’

He also said, “I won’t say anything about Dolly Joho’s performance. I respect her as an actress. But as a movie actress, I can’t put her in that category. Judge the contribution of those whose names I mentioned with him, then you will understand what I mean? Their contribution to the whole industry is not known to many, it is thanks to them that today’s children are interested in playing.

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