“Anjana’s behavior is not artistic”

“Anjana’s behavior is not artistic”

A big thank you to the whole Jury Board of National Film Awards for giving a lifetime honor to a little artist like me. I have never worked for an award. I just want the love of the public. But of course, this feat honored me. If the recognition of the work is equivalent, the responsibility for the work is doubled. Veteran actress Dolly Zahoor spoke the words. He is this time honored with a lifetime award at the National Film Awards. Meanwhile, many are trying to question the honor of an artist like Dolly Jahoor. The affair reached his ears. He expressed his regret about it.

Dolly Zahoor told Manabzamin, I am an actress. It can be on any medium. I don’t understand why a senior actress like Anjana expressed her anger at me getting this honor. Many things have to be accepted in the evolution of time. Of course, I’m a proven actress in social, commercial and lifestyle films. Those whose names are mentioned by Anjana must be respectable. However, the lifetime award is given based on the quality of performance. Such behavior of Anjana is not artistic. To make such a statement is to dishonor the Honorable Jury Board. Denigrate them. My job is to act realistically based on my character and bring it out on screen. Who the government will honor with the award is entirely their opinion. Dolly Zahoor also said depression sometimes knocks a lot of people unconscious. I think Anjana is going through such a period. Many times the age environment should be kept in mind. Akika, Muslims go to these events with strange decorations and dance cheaply, respect does not increase. On the contrary, previously earned honor turns to dust. If any international title suits a heroine, it’s Babita. Social media is at your fingertips these days. You can say whatever you want. One should think if he falls into the line of Babita, Shabana, Kabri. All her life she played the role of a second-line heroine.

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