Anubrata Mondal | Anubrata Mondal turned off the TV after watching the news

Anubrata Mondal | Anubrata Mondal turned off the TV after watching the news

The leader of the party goes to his constituency, he had been delighted since Monday morning. According to Asansol prison sources, his eyes were on the television screen throughout the day. But in the presence of Chief Mamata Banerjee, Birbhum Trinamool District Central Committee has a known chief to oppose her, she turned off the TV after watching the evening news. Birbhum, Trinamool District Chairman Anubrata Mondal did not speak to anyone all day on Tuesday, a group of prison workers claimed.


Trinamool’s central committee in Birbhum was swollen from four to seven members at a meeting attended by Mamata in Bolpur on Monday. Nanur leader Kajal Sheikh, who is known to be anti-Anuvrata, was placed on the committee. According to Asansol prison sources, Anuvrata alias Kest was curious to know what was going on while touring Mamata district in his absence that morning. After breakfast, he sat in front of the television in the prison medical ward. Some of the workers affirmed that he was not the boss’s visit and somewhat regretted it. But he turned off the TV after seeing the news from the Central Committee.

According to prison sources, due to Anubrata’s illness, special attention is paid to him at night. Workers know whether they have taken medication or not, whether there is a problem or not. It is claimed that all these questions were answered very briefly on Monday evening. Although he woke up a little late the next morning, Anuvrata wakes up every Tuesday morning and takes a bath and performs puja at the Hanuman Temple in prison. But that day he got up a little late and took a bath. Although he spent some time sitting in the sun the other day, he did not come out of the cell that day. He was silent all day. Did not watch TV.

After being brought before the CBI Special Court in Asansol on January 19, Kest wanted to speak to party leaders and Birbhum workers. But the judge didn’t allow it. Since then, the number of people visiting him has decreased. Kajol’s inclusion in the district’s central committee this time is an indication of his looseness in the party, according to a section of Trinamool. However, Kest remained silent about the whole matter to other prisoners or prison staff, according to prison sources.


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