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Anushka’s ‘beakkele kand’ caught netizens

Anushka’s ‘beakkele kand’ caught netizens

No matter how many plays the stars play for brand promotion! Anushka Sharma recently did the same. Virat Gharani was involved in a direct dispute with a famous sports brand. He explained in two or four words why the company used his photo without permission.

Later, however, it is known that this is all a promotional gimmick. Many praised the marketing strategy, while others criticized Anushka as a “boring drama”.

Anushka has officially introduced herself as a brand ambassador. The heroine arrived at the big event in a vintage hooded car. Crowds gather on both sides of the road to see the actress. He shook hands and exchanged greetings with everyone.

Overall, traffic on Linking Road came to a standstill around Anushka’s promotional event. Because of this, the heroine is angry.

One wrote: “No need, there was a traffic jam all over the Linking Road.” Another wrote: “Why don’t the police tell them anything? jam the traffic”. Another person writes: “These stars are all crooks, they’ll pose with a smile when they need it and show their face when they don’t.”

However, Anushka fans are excited to see the actress. On this day, the actress was dressed in a white sports bra, sweatpants and a jacket of the brand. Earlier, Kareena Kapoor Khan proved to be the face of this brand. Kareena didn’t forget to welcome Anushka.

Meanwhile, Anushka has been away from the big screen for a long time. The heroine’s last film “Zero” was released in 2018. After becoming a mother, the actress is making a comeback with ‘Chakda Express’. Anushka stars as Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami in this movie.

(Dhaka Times/22 Dec/AJ)

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