Any calculation of profit and loss, how to understand the hit-flop or blockbuster movie? Know the important facts


Any calculation of profit and loss, how to understand the hit-flop or blockbuster movie? Know the important facts

bangladeshi the pulpit: Indians are lovers of entertainment. And for their entertainment, there are multiple film industries in different languages. Breaking the language divide, an industry film now wins the hearts of audiences of different languages. On one hand, some movies like super hits and blockbusters become hits, on the other hand, some movies fall flat at the box office.

Over the past few years, discussions about the film’s budget and the calculation of hit-flops have become very important. Bollywood continues to face constant flops, on the other hand, all films from the southern industry become hits. Even those who are not movie buffs know this. But do you know how these hit flops are counted?

The Telugu film ‘Kartikeya 2’ was declared a blockbuster success by earning Rs 80 crores at the box office. On the other hand, Bollywood’s ‘Gangubai Kathiabadi’ failed to become a super hit even though it grossed over 100 crore. Again, ‘RRR’ became a blockbuster with an enterprise of over Rs 1000 crore. There, ‘Bhulbhulaya 2’ became a blockbuster collecting only Rs 185 crore. Why such a strange story?

In fact, everything is a profit and loss figure. Budget plays a big part in whether a movie is a hit or a flop. Sometimes we also hear that distributors are facing losses. As was the case with Lal Singh Chadda and Ligar. Indeed, the producer sold the film to distributors for colossal sums, while the film failed at the box office. In this case, the producer survives the loss but the distributor sinks.

The film budget is mainly determined by the turnover of distributors and the amount charged for promotion.
This time the calculation of the film’s hit flop depends on this budget. For example, “Brahmastra” was made on a budget of around Rs 400 crores. If it can rake in around 400 crore at the box office, Brahmastra will qualify as ‘average’. A company with 100 to 120% of the budget will be called a “semi-hit”.

If the film can do business up to 130-150% of its budget, it becomes a super hit. That is, if Brahmastra can collect 575-600 crores, then it will be a “super hit”. A film is a “blockbuster” if it achieves 150 to 170% of its budget. And if he does more than 200% business, then it’s “All Time Blockbuster”. We now come to the “flop”. A film is a flop if it doesn’t even make its budget. And if it can increase by even 15-20%, it’s called a “catastrophe.” Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Dhaka’ example.

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