Apu Biswas takes on a new form

Apu Biswas takes on a new form

The heroine of the big screen Apu Biswas. He worked for the cinema during a career spanning a decade and a half. This time it will work for the small screen. But it’s not television. The actress recently signed a contract for a film to be made for the OTT platform. The name is ‘Shayabaji’.

This is his first web film. The film is produced by RTV. Directed by Syed Shakeel. The film is essentially based on the story of Ahmed Shahabuddin’s thriller Psycho. Apu Biswas said he will be playing a dual role in this web movie.

Speaking about starring in a web movie for the first time, the actress said, “I’ve been getting offers to work in web movies for a long time.” But it was not done because the ball did not match. I wanted the story of the film I would be working in to be amazing, just like my character had to be innovative too.

The story of this movie is written with me in mind, I felt like that after reading the story. And I know Syed Shakeel Bhai, the producer. Working with him is also fun. Many thanks to the RTV authorities.
I will now try to finish the job well. Because this is my new challenge for the new platform. Meanwhile, Apu Biswas recently completed work on his first government-funded film “Lal Saree” directed by Bandhan Biswas. The actress also worked in a government-funded film called “Chyaabriksh” by the same director.

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