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Apu Biswas was afraid of Shakib-Mim!


Apu Biswas was afraid of Shakib-Mim!

Shariful Raj and Vidya Sinha have been paired in two consecutive films in Dhaliwood. After the successes of ‘Damaal’ and ‘Paran’, these two stars are experiencing a busy period in their careers. But the couple will not be seen together again. It’s because of Raj’s wife, Parimani. Such incidents are not new to Mim. In 2008, Shakib Khan and Mim’s first film “Amar Praner Priya” was released. The song ‘Ki Jadu Karech Bolna’ from the film directed by Zakir Hossain Raju was on everyone’s lips. The public was hoping to get a new pair. But for some unknown reason, Shakib-Mim no longer worked together.

Shahriar Nazim Joy asked Mim if there was any conflict between Shakib and Mim in 2017? In the program “Sense of Humor” aired on ATN Bengal presented by Shahriar Nazim Joy, some mysteries have been revealed. The video of Jai’s question and Mim’s answer was also widely shared on Facebook.

Joy asked the question in the program, after the movie ‘Amar Praner Priya’ was popular with the public, why no more movies were made with Shakib? We know you had a conflict with Apu Biswas.

In response, Mim said that Shakib bhai is supposed to work in some movies. I was also signed for a film. Shakib was supposed to do the movie ‘Bhalo Basle Ghar Bandha Jai ​​Na’. The director was Zakir Hossain Raju. Later, Shakib asked Bhai to take Apu. I did not act in this film! Now everyone knows why Shakib Khan asked Apu to take his side.

Mim signed two contracts with Shakib. Earlier, because of Apu, the pair was not formed with Shakib. After all these years, you team up with Shakib again. Apu Biswas also participates, but in a different role. We know that. Apu Biswas also called you.

After Joy’s words, Mim calmly said that Apudi only called after signing a photo with Shakib Khan. I was a bit surprised. Because a few days ago we were supposed to do a program. The program did not. I really didn’t know what to say. Apudi told me the normal congratulations. He asked me to take good pictures. He told me something. He said, I’m talking to you so no one outside knows. I will say on the outside that I have a very bad relationship with you. But we will have a good relationship. I only supported his words.

Meanwhile, in a status on Nov. 10, actress Vidya Sinha opened up about Mim’s extramarital affair with husband and actor Shariful Raj. His status immediately drew criticism. Parimani wrote on Facebook: ‘Raihan Rafi is doing well with the film as well as a broker! Vidya Sinha Mim should have been pleased with her son-in-law. Shariful Raj shouldn’t have let him go this far. A few hours after Pari’s status, Mim warned on Facebook without mentioning anyone’s name. After the status of the heroine of ‘Paran’, the case spread more heat.

Almost a year ago, Vidya Sinha Mim signed on for Raihan Jewell’s new film, Pathe Holo Deha. The director expressed interest in casting Raj opposite him, but Raj did not like the film’s script. Later, the producer corrected the script. Mim told the director he wouldn’t do the movie this time. The actress said, “From promoting the movie ‘Damal’ with Raj to the events that Raj’s wife, Parimani, hosted with me on Facebook, it’s best not to work with Raj anymore.” He also said, “Two back-to-back movies with Raj have been great for me.” Raj is a very good co-star. Directed by Jewel Bhai, she was also set to star alongside Raj in this film. But now I will not work against the king. I told the manager.

He also said, “Raj is a really good co-artist. Films may contain romantic scenes as required by the story. Doing these scenes with Raj will again create problems in their family. Socially and familyly, I can be degraded again. I want Raj and Parimani to be well. Mim also made it clear that he would not do any movies opposite Raj in the future.

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