Argentinian fans smashed the TV in excitement

Argentinian fans smashed the TV in excitement

At the World Cup in Qatar, the Argentinian favorite lost in the first game of the group stage. As a result, there was a lot of pressure on Lionel Messi in the second game – the possibility of reaching the second round if he wins, goodbye if he loses. In this situation, Albicelesta faced Mexico on November 26. Argentina won that game 2-0 after dealing with the pressure. Football prodigy Messi scored. Her fans were understandably excited about it. But a fan understands all too well what can happen when that excitement gets too much.

In the excitement of celebrating Messi’s first goal in this World Cup, the man named Gabriel smashed the television in front of him. His girlfriend Mimi shared the video of this incident on TikTok.

That day, Gabriel and Mimi were watching the match on television from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. In the video, Gabriel stands very close to the TV wearing Messi’s number 10 shirt.


Meanwhile, the Argentine superstar scored with a powerful left-footed shot. Seeing this, Gabriel couldn’t control himself. He started celebrating the goal by throwing his arms and legs around and shouting.

But suddenly his hand goes to the TV. He stopped immediately. Gabrielle didn’t understand exactly what had happened. He looked at his hand in surprise for a moment. Meanwhile, her lover can be heard saying in Spanish, “What have you done? What are you doing? If you break it?

Mimi later wrote online, “We were watching the game. Suddenly my boyfriend went crazy. Because Messi scored against Mexico. Ha ha ha, after the first goal he (Gabriel) broke everything.

Argentina won all three points with another goal later in the game. In the third match, they beat Poland 2-0 and reached the second round, and Messi’s side confirmed the quarter-finals by beating Australia 2-1 there.

Argentina will face the Netherlands in the quarter-finals on December 9. After a 36-year drought, there is no way of knowing whether or not they will win the World Cup title!

Source: Daily Mail

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