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Ariana Zaman is the new heroine of Nirva

Ariana Zaman is the new heroine of Nirva

Entertainment reporter: Nirab Hossain is a popular movie actor from Dhaka. Recently he signed a new movie titled ‘Sparsh’. The film is produced by joint Bangladesh-India production by director Ananya Mamun. Newcomer Ariana Zaman will act there opposite Nirv.

Nirav said of the new film, “Touch’s story is very good. I have a particular feeling about the film. And the most important thing will be a joint venture film after a long time. For moviegoers, joint venture films mean big budgets and great productions. All in all, I think Prash will be such a project. I hope something good will happen and that the public will not be disappointed.

About the film’s story, the director said, “The film’s story is built around a triangle of love and relationship of unequal ages.”

Ariana Zaman said of joining ‘Sparshe’, ‘I was preparing for a good history movie. Many movie deals came between the two. But I expected a good job. I finally have a character in a beautiful story where I will have the chance to prove myself.

Talking about teaming up with Nirab, Ariana said, “It is my chance to have Nirab Bhai, the well-known and popular hero of our Bengali cinema. I hope I can learn a lot from him.

It should be noted that apart from Nirav-Ariana in the movie ‘Sparsh’, a popular actress from Upper Bengal will be seen there, said Ananya Mamun, the director of the Bangladesh part of the movie. And Abhinandan Dutta is in charge of the Indian side.

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