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Arifin Shubo-Sheela romance reacted on the internet

Arifin Shubo-Sheela romance reacted on the internet

Actor Arifin Shubo took part in a musical film for the first time. Miss World Bangladesh Shireen Sheila partnered with him on screen.

The video for the song was shot at a resort in Munshiganj. The title of the song is “Cholo na samgan”. Amid Hossain Chowdhury gave voice to the song in lyrics by Johnny Haque. It is directed by theater producer Shahriar Palak.

The musical film was recently unveiled on the Elegant Makeover and Fashion Facebook page. After the release, the audience falls in love with Shubo and Shila’s romance, while expressing their romantic feelings. Shubo-Sheela is praised for her flawless chemistry in her musical debut.

Shahriar Palak said: I tried to present the story of love and marriage here in a different way. Everything about the location is new.

Arifin Shubo commented, “After a long time, the audience sees a romantic Shubo through this song. It’s done as a wedding song, the audience gets something new from this song. The response is also very good.

The musical film is produced by Samina Sara, owner of famous makeover house “Elegant Makeover and Fashion” and fashion house “Meher”. He was encouraged to make a musical film for the first time to showcase modern clothing as well as native traditions by prioritizing the likes, tastes and preferences of the current generation.

Samina Sara said, “I didn’t do it thinking about what I’m going to get out of this job. Since my houses try to do something new every year, it’s trying to present it a little differently in the new year. Much of it is done as a hobby and to project the image and standards of their own fashion brand. I also tried to represent our ‘Meher’ dresses in destination weddings.’

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