Arijit Singh | Arijit Singh’s wife Koel Roy Singh suffers from dengue dgtl


Arijit Singh | Arijit Singh’s wife Koel Roy Singh suffers from dengue dgtl

Arijit’s wife, Koel Roy Singh, suffers from dengue fever. He was admitted to a private hospital in Murshidabad. The situation is said to be stable. Fever, chills, cough were the symptoms. He was hospitalized on Sunday morning. According to hospital sources, the results of dengue fever came back positive in the health examination report. Nothing is yet known about the family. When Anandabazar Online tried to contact Koel’s father, the phone rang.


Arijit lives in Ziaganj, Murshidabad with his two sons and his wife. He is famous all over the world. But they like to live life in general. Thus, wife Koel and Arijit are seen occasionally at Oligli in Murshidabad. They also admitted boys to school there. The singer’s wife has not been well for several days, sources say.

Incidentally, Arijit wants to participate in a greater human service without limiting himself to music. Understand the importance of education. So Arijit wants to open a coaching center to learn English to advance Janmabhoomi Jiaganj. Everything is free. For this, the singer needs a total of eight large rooms in Jiaganj. That’s why he trusts his childhood friend Shankar. There is a nursing school near Jiaganj police station. Arijit opens a coaching center there.


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