Arijit Singh Show in Kolkata | Singer Arijit Singh to perform in Kolkata but venue not final dgtl

Arijit Singh Show in Kolkata | Singer Arijit Singh to perform in Kolkata but venue not final dgtl

Arijit Singh’s event in Kolkata is going ahead as scheduled. However, even though this concert is on February 18, it is not in Echo Park, but elsewhere. However, the new location has not yet been finalized. So said the event organizer. Organizers were concerned about whether the event would spread, even if Aquatica or Nikko Park were offered instead of Eco Park. A notification posted by ‘Paytm Insider’ to a Twitter handle of Arijit Singh fans said the venue was not yet final. Ticket purchasers will be notified immediately if this is the case.


Arijit came to the opening of the Kolkata Film Festival. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asked her to sing at the December 15 event. The star singer kept that promise. But before singing, Arijit jokingly said, “If you sing a song, the stick will go away.” In the controversy surrounding the upcoming event, the issue of neighboring Pakistan has also been raised.

Raj Chakraborty, Shahrukh Khan were on stage that day. At first, keeping Raj’s words in mind, Arijit said, “He doesn’t understand, he doesn’t understand…” Later, a line from Shahrukh’s movie song, “Rong de tu mohe gerua….” In fact, this single tan word pours the color of politics into all discussions. On February 18, Arijit’s concert was at Echo Park. Recently, it is known that the proposed program does not take place there. Permission from the state government has not been received. And that’s when the BJP camp started complaining that Echo Park’s permission had been revoked in retaliation for singing “Rong De Tu Mohe Gerua…” in the presence of the chief minister.

The Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly took this attack a step further on Thursday in the “Hindustan-Pakistan” debate. On October 8, 2015, Mamata tweeted welcoming artist Ghulam Ali who came to perform a concert in Kolkata. Along with a screenshot of that old tweet, Shuvendu wrote on Twitter Thursday, “Music knows no boundaries when it comes to Pakistan’s Ghulam Ani, but it’s different for Hindustani Arijit Singh.” He also gave the hashtag “Rong De Tu Mohe Gerua”.


Trinamool chief Kunal Ghosh has raised the question of whether there is politics in this controversy. In the tweet, he claimed that everything going on with Arijit Singh’s show is ugly. Denying BJP’s claim, Kunal said, “The claim that Arijit’s show was canceled at Eco Park for performing ‘Gerua’ at the film festival is completely false. Arijit performed ‘Gerua’ on the 15th December. And after her show was canceled, the deposit of five lakh rupees was returned on December 8.” Kunal’s question: “How can ocher argue when the advance for the show has been returned seven days before the singing? An advance of Rs 3 lakh for Salman Khan’s event which was to be held at Eco Park itself was also refunded.’

Earlier on Wednesday, Hidco Chairman and Minister of State and Mayor of Kolkata Firhad Hakim, under whom Eco Park is, said that when Arijit is expected to come to Kolkata, there is a G-20 conference program in Biswa -Bangla Convention Center on the opposite side of Eco Park. As a result of the Arijit event, the public order situation in the region may deteriorate, the organizers have been asked to choose another venue.

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