Arpita Explained The Reason For Leaving ‘Mithai’ Because She Can’t See PPK Anymore

Arpita Explained The Reason For Leaving ‘Mithai’ Because She Can’t See PPK Anymore

bangladeshi the pulpit: A big change has happened in Zee Bangla due to the arrival of several new series every day. ‘Mithai’ had to give up the long time slot. Leaving the 8 p.m. slot, the soap opera spot was moved to the 6 p.m. slot. Along with this, there has been a drastic change in the history of Mithai. After showing Mithai’s death, the series’ story jumped several years. Mithi enters the story with the change of other characters.

As some old characters returned to the show, some characters also left. Like Siddharth, the “PP” character of Srithama is no longer seen in the series. Mithai fans will be saddened to know that the character will never be seen again. Audiences have seen actress Arpita Chatterjee in this role so far. He himself left his mark on this news.

Recently, Arpita revealed the reason behind Mithai’s departure to a media outlet. He said he was forced to leave Mithai in the middle. No, it has no conflict with series makers or co-actors. He left the show by his own decision.

Indeed, the story of the soap opera has jumped a few years, so all the characters have aged a bit. Additionally, Sid Mithai’s son Shakya became the focus of the story. So Arpita had to play the role of a PC grandmother. The actress said she was not up for playing roles like Grandma Didima at this age. So finally decided to leave the series.

But if you say leave, what can remain? Travel together here. Arpita says he misses everyone on set, including Sid Mithai. He also meets his on-screen parents when he has time. Arpita is currently seen in Star Jalsa’s Godhuli Alap series. It also has another new series coming up.

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