Arrest warrant for actress Sarika’s husband

Arrest warrant for actress Sarika’s husband

A complaint has been filed against her husband GS Badruddin Ahmed (Rahi) for allegedly beating actress and TV model Sarika Sabreen and demanding a dowry.

The actress filed a complaint in court with Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Farah Diba Chandar on Monday (November 28). The court took cognizance of the case and issued an arrest warrant against Badruddin Ahmed (Rahi). The court set December 21 as the date for filing the Tamil report regarding the warrant.

Sarika’s lawyer, Masudur Rahman Masud briefed the case.

According to the case complaint, Sarika and Badrul married into the family on February 2. A dowry of Tk 20 lakh is levied upon marriage. At the time of the marriage, Sarika’s parents presented Defendant Badruddin with gold ornaments worth Tk 25 lakh and all the furniture in the house. Soon after the marriage, defendant Badruddin demanded 50 lakh rupees from plaintiff Sarika’s family and started beating her.

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On November 5, Defendant Badruddin asked Victim Sarika to bring Tk 50 lakh as dowry. For non-payment of the dowry, Sarika was sent to her father in a loincloth by her hair.

On November 19, an arbitration meeting was held at Dhanmondi in Dhaka. At some point in the conversation during the meeting, the accused said he would have to pay Rs 50 lakh for the business. If he doesn’t pay the requested money, he will have no family with Sarika and will divorce her and marry her somewhere else with a big dowry and leave quickly.

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