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Arrested FDC Director – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Arrested FDC Director – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Police arrested FDC director Shafiq Hasan for violating copyright law. Tejgaon Police Station arrested him at the FDC canteen last Saturday at 8 p.m. Producer Shihab Uddin Chowdhury confirmed the deal.

He said producer Shafiq Hasan sold the YouTube rights and TV rights to the two films “Swapn Choya” and “Dhumketu” to Live Technologies. As the producer of this film was out of the country, producer Shafiq sold both films to ATN Bengal by arranging a fake producer named Rubel. He also took around 10 lakhs for it.

After learning about the case, Live Technologies contacted ATN Bangla. At that time, two complaints were filed by ATN Bangla on behalf of Director Shafiq Hasan at the Agargaon Copyright Office. After that, if the case was proven, this producer returned Tk 1 lakh to ATN Bangla. And requested three months to pay the remaining amount. Later, legal action is taken against him if there is violation of word and time. Currently, Warden Shafiq Hasan is in Kashimpur Jail in Gazipur.

In this context, ATN Bangla Program Manager KM Mahmud Hasan said, “Shafiq Hasan sold YouTube and TV rights to Simon Sadiq star ‘Swapn Chowya’ and Shakib Khan star ‘Dhoomketu’ in 2019. at Live Technologies. He did a great injustice by selling us these two films as well. We wanted to keep the case to ourselves. But that didn’t happen anymore. Eventually, we were forced to choose the path of law.

It is known that Shafiq Hasan was taken to court to be released on bail last Sunday. But after the hearing, the court rejected his bail.

It should be noted that Shakib Khan, Pari Mani, Tanha Tasnia, Nazneen Happy, Ali Raj, Diti, Amit Hasan, Siba Shanu, Rebecca and many more starred in the movie ‘Dhoomketu’. And Simon Sadiq, Bobby, Tanveer Khan, Praveer Mitra, Kazi Hayat, Misha Saudagar and many more starred in ‘Swapn Chowya’.

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