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Aruna Biswas complained about threatening phone calls


Aruna Biswas complained about threatening phone calls

Aruna Biswas, a once popular actress in Dhakai cinema, has complained that threats and obscenities are being uttered constantly from a mobile phone number.

Aruna Biswas filed this complaint on her verified Facebook page on Sunday afternoon, October 3. Mentioning a phone number, he wrote: ‘Threats, threats and obscenities are constantly being said from this number. The name displayed on True Caller is Moni.

Aruna Biswas told Jago News that legal action will be taken in this regard.

Aruna Biswas is set to make her directorial debut with the government-funded film ‘Asambhab’.

Aruna Biswas made her film debut in 1984. She appeared in films by teaming up with Bapparaj in ‘Chapadangaar Bou’ directed by Nayakraj Razzak. Since then, he has walked the path of success. During his career, he teamed up with many national heroes including Ilyas Kanchan, Rubel, Manna.

This actress was born in a cultured family. His late father Amlendu Biswas was a Jandrail journeyman in the sixties.

Aruna Biswas’ mother, Jotsna Biswas, is also a legend of Jatrapala theater and art from Bangladesh. He acted in more than 300 yatras and directed 20 yatras.


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