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As many films as the story of Nobel laureate Ani Achin


As many films as the story of Nobel laureate Ani Achin

This year, the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to the French writer Anne Hathon. Her writings reveal the story of a lifetime of discrimination based on gender, language and class. Ani still has several famous novels, many of which are autobiographical. Several films have been made based on his novels. He even co-directed a documentary with his children.
Le Anis Super-8 (2022): This is a documentary. The documentary is made up of videos taken by Ani Jachin and her family at different times from 1972 to 1981.
Happening (2021): The film won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival. This film is made on the anti-abortion law in France in 1960.
Simple Passion (2020): Based on the novel of the same name, a mother-of-one becomes involved with a Russian diplomat in this film. After that, the story continues with various complications.
The Years (2018): Selected parts of Ani Jachin’s novel The Years are heard in a female voice in this film.
Mann Weekend We Center Commercial (2014): A shopping center in the center of Limoges. A mall is more than just a place of commerce. It is the hub of many types of human relationships. This is what is brought to light in the documentary.
The Other (2008): Anne-Marie leaves Alex. Alex wants a married life but Anne-Marie wants an independent life. Due to differences of opinion, they broke off the relationship by joint decision. They are often seen. At one point, Anne-Marie realizes that a new woman has entered Alex’s life. Then he got jealous. Mary then finds herself in a troubled world full of threats and dangers.

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