Asha Bhosle was singing for money


Asha Bhosle was singing for money

Entertainment counter: Asha Bhosle. One of India’s oldest artists. He has been singing for Indian films since 1940. This talented artist has just turned 89 years old. She and her late sister Lata Mangeshkar gained immense popularity across India by singing songs for Hindi movies. But at the beginning of his career, he had to face many obstacles. On the occasion of his birthday, he remembered it.

She was married to Ganapatra Bhosle before marrying famous Indian music composer RD Burman. He has three children in this family. In a recent conversation, Asha said that her first husband earned Rs 100 per month so she had to take care of everything including taking care of the children.

An interview of Asha Bhosle with Salil Chowdhury aired on Doordarshan Kolkata in 1993. During the event, Asha said that when she started singing she lived far away from Bombay and used to come to town by train every day. When his son Hemant was born in 1949, he left his month-old son with his stepmother and used to come to town to sing for money. Kalebdra would then get permission to sing. He woke up at 5 a.m.

Talking about the past, Asha said she had to fetch water from the well, cook, cook lunch for her children and drop them off at school, take care of her in-laws. He used to record songs doing so many things. He used to record standing for 8 hours. God gave me a lot of strength and willpower. I never said no to anything. I worked on recording songs for 6-8 hours.

Asha separated from her first husband in 1960. As a single mother, she took on the responsibility of caring for her children. Many elders objected to his cabaret-style singing. People told him not to sing those songs. In response, he said to them: But should I leave him? So what will my children eat? Who will take care of them? Am I singing happily? I need it to raise my children.

Although she is a famous singer in India, she did not want her son Hemant to join the film industry. In this context, he says, I did not want my children to enter the cinema. Later, my eldest son Hemant became musical director. The place is like that, if you have a good forehead, everyone will admire you. But you don’t realize when you fall to the ground. You have a lot of work in a day. But there will come a time when no one else will give you a job. Asha’s eldest son, Hemant, died in 2015 after a long battle with cancer. Earlier in 2012, her daughter Barsha also committed suicide.

Source: The Indian Express

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