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Ashes makes his debut in Bengali films

Ashes makes his debut in Bengali films

Ashes is a very popular name among young people in recent band music. The group presents a new surprise to the public. They are going to make their debut in Bengali films with the song titled “Niruddesh”.

Junaid Ivan of Ashes sang the song from the movie Beauty Circus, directed by Mahmood Didar, produced by Impress Telefilm. He composed the song himself.

Niruddhesh is basically a motivational song. The purpose of the song is when a person is at the extreme of depression. Convince him that even though I feel like I lost, I actually won somewhere else.

Junaid Evan and his band members worked for four years behind the song, which is approximately 5 minutes long. As this is their first cinematic experience, this time they have to face new challenges. First, there was a specific plot to work with, and then not every musical instrument could be used to match the sound of the film. Also, pay attention to the length of the song.

Junaid Ivan talked about the first work in the film and the beginnings of the group Ashes, we received offers from a few places before that. All was not well. As this is the first Beauty Circus experience, me and my band members, the fans are all very excited. It’s a different feeling to engage in big screen work. We have a plan, the director, actors and actresses will campaign the film together. Watching movies on the big screen, listening to our own songs, campaigning, all for the first time. His feelings cannot be expressed in words.

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