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At that time I cried continuously: Shahnaz Khushi

At that time I cried continuously: Shahnaz Khushi

The Indian city of Goa is known for two reasons. First for the sea and the beach, then for the movies. The “International Film Festival of India” is held there every year. This year’s event started on November 20 and ended on November 28. Four films from Bangladesh also participated. For this reason, several showbiz stars from Dhaka walked the red carpet of the Goa festival.

A film traveling from Dhaka to Goa is ‘Nakshikantha Zamin’. Directed by Akram Khan, the film made its first appearance at the festival, while vying for the UNESCO Gandhi Prize. Divya Jyoti and Soumya Jyoti starred with Jaya Ahsan in this movie. They are the twin sons of star couple Shahnaz Khushi and Vrindavan Das.

The premiere screening of Putradwa’s first film, Khushi-Brindavana, don’t sit in front and watch it! So they flew with the boys to the seaside town of Goa. Although Khushi has kept one more wish in his mind, that is to see with his own eyes the lively arrangement around cinema in one of the festivals in Asia.

Khushi told the Bengali Tribune about the Goa festival experience. His comment, ‘A city, where only films are screened! 15 to 20 rooms, the whole city is illuminated, decorated with banners, festoons of various films. Students come to watch films in different halls, the city is full of visitors from different countries, artists and producers.

Vrindavan Das and Khushi with their two sons Calling herself lucky, Khushi said, “I met and chatted with AR Rahman, Akshay Kumar, Allu Arjun, Prosenjit, Dev, a lot. All were accommodated in a hotel. The show started from 9 a.m. and continued until dark. Interestingly, no one returns from the place. All the time, he was engaged in movie-centric discussions. I’m a very lucky mother or person that my sons first movie ‘Nakshikanthar Zameen’ got me there too.”

Khushi said she and Vrindavan went with the boys, but basically went at his own expense. Said, ‘Divya, Soumya was originally invited. But for one thing, they don’t go anywhere alone like this. Once again, since we are people from this milieu, we also wanted to attend such a big event around cinema. So we went to Vrindavan and registered separately at my own expense.

Shahnaz is thrilled to see the boys on the big screen for the first time. He said: ‘Seeing my sons on the big screen for the first time and on such a big screen; Not in our country. Sound system, projection, everything is incredible. I saw the show, I was impressed. Divya, Somya was allowed to speak separately, I witnessed this moment. After that, they went to dinner at the invitation of the Chief Minister. Divya, Soumya actually didn’t want to work permanently in the media earlier. Worked as a hobby. But after going there, he became very interested in the subject after seeing the atmosphere of the cinema.

Divya and Soumya on the hall stage, Vrindavan Das captured the moment of joy from the audience. After the show, Divya-Soumya also took the stage with the team. They also answered questions from different people, took the floor. How did Khushi feel at that time? He said, “Those who were with me at that time, they saw that I was crying continuously. My throat is still blocked, tears in my eyes. In fact, I gave time to Divya, Soumya, leaving everything behind. The smell of their bodies still lingers in my nose. When these two children spoke in front of thousands of Buddhas, the crowd applauded, it was an incredible feeling.

The story of the film “Nakshikanthar Zamin” is set against the backdrop of the liberation war. On this occasion, interested people want to know the story of Divya-Soumya at the festival. Then they talked about their understanding of the struggle for freedom. Khushi was also impressed with this explanation. To him, it felt like “supernatural joy.”

The talented actress said she was praying for her two children: “I want everyone to pray that Divya-Soumya will not be a big star, but that there will be such a human person. I don’t have end of fascination with them. Children at this age, but they don’t have much demand. They will tease their parents for something, they are not like that. On the contrary, if I want to spend anything on them they forbid me. That’s why we don’t fall into crisis much. Both of us (Khushi and Vrindavan) are drama professions, we can’t really get rich. Maybe you can survive with a lot of effort. One person (Brindaban) holds the pen and I photograph Barajo five days a month. It is very difficult to survive in an expensive city like Dhaka with income from it. For Divya-Soumya to understand our situation there is a great achievement.

Divya-Soumya and Shahnaz are satisfied with AR Rahman When asked if the two sons would build a career acting like their parents, Khushi replied that this matter is open to Divya-Soumya. If they are interested, work with the greatest love for acting, then work continuously. The Khushi-Brindavans do not want to impose anything as parents.

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