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At the end of the year, the pair hit

At the end of the year, the pair hit

Sohail Mondal is indeed a big shock in this hero-driven industry. The one who caught fire on stage and in the cinema has gone gold on the OTT platform. Mondal is an actor who needs to know how to act now for the world-Bangla audience.

Beginning of the Mandal chapter with ‘Takadeer’ on the OTT platform. However, before that came Sohail’s 14 years of continuous harassment. There are also notable plays and films. Even though they are marked in the minds of critics, the fate of Sohail Mondal is essentially opened by the web series “Taqdeer” by Syed Ahmed Shawqi! Where he played the role of Chanchal Chowdhury in Oblila.

Then one by one many acclaimed works in OTT- Boli, Refugee, Tan… Sometimes he was surprised in the movie ‘Hawa’. Everyone knows this news. The news is that Sohail Mondal is appearing in OTT for the public with a double shock.

One is ‘Agnipurush’ and the other is ‘Cafe Desire’. Both are movies. In one, he had the famous Sunerah bint Kamal from “No Dorai” as the heroine. In the other ‘Achin pachi in kachcha’ Tama Mirza. We know that the two films are released on the Internet in December, around the same time.

Sohel Mondal is also good at dancing on stage Sohail Mandal told the Bangla Tribune about “Cafe Desire” produced by Rabiul Alam Robi, “Here my character is that of a plumber. I mean so called sanitary engineers! pipe, flash – fix them. The character is different in this respect. In fact, there are not many stories about the plumber. I had this opportunity. I also learned a little about people of this profession.

The actor said he shot this movie earlier this year. Which comes out at the very end on December 22 in Charki. He calls the film a story of human desire. In his words, “the film is made up of four or five different stories of different people’s desires. The stories are from different people, but each has a connection. Here, I will be seen in the story of a plumber’s house. Stellar work. We all tried to do something different. Let’s see.’

Another Mandal success in December is Abu Hayat Mahmud’s film “Agnipurush”. It is released on the new Deepta Play platform.

Regarding the film, Sohail Mondal said, “It is basically set in the life story of firefighters. There have been many incidents recently, where our firefighters have shown great bravery. Many died. Hence the idea of ​​this construction. Here I worked as a firefighter. It’s also a different kind of work, a new experience. I don’t know what the public will say.

Sohail Mondal ends this year with these two films. But there are several more series and movies in the coming year. The filming of most of them has ended in the meantime. Many people think that 2023 will be Mandalmay! Although modest in Sohail’s voice; Agam is not used to partying.

Recognition is the pair of 'Takdeer' The life story of Sohail Mondal is not as thrilling as a formula movie. Just like his characters – covered in stragglers. Sohail said part of it. He said Sohail’s childhood was good in the capital with all his family. At some point, due to financial problems, he had to return to the village with his family. After graduating from high school, he returned to Dhaka. Admitted to Mirpur Government Bangla College. There was little interest in university studies. My mind used to read various stories-novels and plays-movies. He used to go to see plays whenever he had the chance. One day he learned that Nagrik Natyangan would teach drama. He was admitted to this course without understanding anything. Then in 2009, he joined Prachyanat. There he took acting lessons with Azad Abul Kalam. From there, the first opportunity presented itself in the film ‘Under Construction’. After that, he appeared in small roles in ‘Musafir’, ‘Ainabaji’, ‘Rangdhang’, ‘Hawa’ and ‘Mayar Janjal’ (Unreleased). However, all of this is overshadowed by the ‘Taqdeer’ series which was released on the Hochihai app on December 18, 2020.

Sohail Mondal is quite stable even in these popular times. As he was at the beginning of his life. In his own words, “I never had, and still don’t, look forward to doing something fast or being something.” Whatever I do, I try to do it slowly and with grace. I also do video editing. But this time around, all the focus is on acting. Because, now the tendency to work in different stories, I don’t want to miss this opportunity. I appreciate these things. My own happiness is more important to me than popularity, money, fame.

Word of mouth, speed of work and Sohail’s graph; It shows the image of the congregation. At the end of the year, the double blow of Sohail Mandal

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