At the peak of her popularity under the family’s rule, Kajal’s daughter, Nysa, is now signing autographs.

At the peak of her popularity under the family’s rule, Kajal’s daughter, Nysa, is now signing autographs.

Bangladeshi office: She is the daughter of famous actress Tanuja. Kajol herself is once the leading actress of Bollywood. The acting continues in their bang tradition. However, Kajal did not enjoy the benefits of nepotism. He had to harden the ground under his feet by working himself. But Nysa Devgan doesn’t have to do all those things as her daughter. On the contrary, he beats his mother in popularity without doing anything.

Naisa Devgan is the eldest daughter of Kajol and Ajay Devgan. He is currently studying abroad. Nysa has created a world apart there. He locked his Instagram profile. There is no entry for anyone except for close and familiar people. But Nysa’s popularity doesn’t stop there.

The child star has several fan pages. Their number of followers is worth seeing. Nysa is also in the limelight for the stark difference between her past and present looks. Even without setting foot in Bollywood signing autographs, Ma Kajol shared this news.

Recently in an interview, the actress said that Naisa was in Singapore. Seeing him there, many stopped him on the bus and took his autograph. Kajol said, “It’s amazing that Nyssa is already recognized by people all over the world. As the daughter of Tanuja, some people know her, but she was not popular before acting, comments Kajol.

He said that before there was no social media. So before becoming an actress, she could travel wherever she wanted. But Naisa doesn’t have that path. It is now at the center of the practice.

Earlier Kajol talked about trolling Nyssa. He said he personally read all the news that was published about Naisa. And seen strangely only 2 out of 100 said bad things to Nysa. He explained the same to his daughter. If 10 people criticize, 10,000 people also praise. But more important than all that is what Nysa thinks of herself.

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