Attract to buy expensive TV-mobile without EMI fees? looked

Attract to buy expensive TV-mobile without EMI fees? looked

Hyderabad, November 29: No Hassle, No Fee No Cost EMI (No Cost EMI) fulfills your immediate desire to buy any expensive product. It doesn’t take money to buy an expensive smart TV or cell phone. But the only downside is that the companies may not provide any additional benefits in this case. They don’t charge EMI interest rates, they don’t discount things, they charge full price That way they balance the two Aspiring customers buy things that way considering the convenience of paying several times

Huge discounts are offered on purchases (EMI Zero Cost) during the holiday season and on special occasions. High-end consumer electronics and home appliances are no exception (high interest rates). Nowadays, everyone is trying to upgrade high-tech products to keep up with the fast pace of digitized life. In this situation, what aspects should be considered before buying online with zero cost EMI? Check…

First, to gain something, we must also be prepared to lose something. Discounts are usually granted when the total price is paid in one go. If you get zero-cost EMI, we have to be prepared for no discounts or rebates. For example, a device that costs Rs.5000 is sold with a 10% discount. This means that we have to pay Rs. 4,500. But this discount is no longer available if the item is purchased on Zero Cost EMI

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One way or another, companies will recoup their costs. If an item costs Rs 5,000 to manufacture and the buyer has to pay an EMI of Rs 5,000 over 12 months to purchase that item, that means 20% i.e. additional cost of Rs 1,000 , is paid. Then the price of this item will be Rs 6000 Although the company will call it No Cost EMI But they will cover their loss by not giving discount or charging processing fee.

Another practice followed by companies is that they display the interest rate separately when buying through the normal EMI. But zero cost EMI does not mention any interest separately. But the price of the product is more or less the same. The immediate benefit of zero cost EMI is that the customer does not have to worry about collecting all the money to pay the full cost at once.

No EMI cost is very important when buying a very expensive product because no one can be able to collect a large sum of money to buy it. Additionally, e-commerce companies and merchants give special discounts if these purchases are made through certain debit or credit cards. All of these factors should be considered to get the maximum benefits under these benefits.

Installment payment rules will also apply to free EMI purchases. Any default will reflect badly on the credit score. When one or more installments expire, check your repayment capacity.

You can buy a refrigerator, washing machine or any other household appliance without EMI fees. Companies and e-commerce companies offer this possibility on all types of consumer goods. Whether you have cash or not, any machine or device can be purchased with a click. But in this case, it is important to be vigilant

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