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Audiences thrilled to see ‘S’ at the Rotterdam festival

Audiences thrilled to see ‘S’ at the Rotterdam festival

The audience expressed great enthusiasm after watching the film. They also expressed their sympathy for the director. Host Helen gave Nuhash the Rotterdam “Tiger” logo (which is usually chocolate) as a memento. Nuhash Humayun said, “It is a joy for me and a glory for the country. It is a matter of great hope that local content is currently embraced by global audiences. The audience was very engaged throughout the film; He was excited. Where he gave comments.

“I’ve never seen a ghost story like this before. What I’ve seen, what I’ve seen now, has nothing in common. It’s the story of an unknown land , from an unknown city. But the story still touched me, frightened me, made me laugh; That’s why we say, cinema transcends borders (cinema will cross the border), or not?’, the name of the speaker is Peter Von Dyck, who was expressing his feelings while watching the Bangladeshi video streaming platform “Pet Kata Sh” at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Film critic and researcher Anna Ubs came from Belgium to join the international festival. Speaking of ‘Pet Kata Sh’, Anna first talked about going back to basics: ‘This movie isn’t just about ghosts and fear. I also tried to get to the root of ghosts and fears. And since the story is about the culture and beliefs of the director’s country, I think the director also tried to tell the story from his own roots.

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