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Audiences wondering which one to watch: Musharraf

Audiences wondering which one to watch: Musharraf

Musharraf Karim is one of the popular and busy actors of the era. He captured the hearts of the public by acting in all three mediums – stage, television and film. This actor is also busy with movies in Bangladesh and Kolkata. It has faced a turning point with current commitments and contemporary contexts. Hasan Saidul spoke

* What are your expectations for the new year?

** Every day is new to me. So try to give something new to the audience. This effort will continue this year.

* You seem busier on the web…

** It’s not fair to only deal with web content. I also work in television fiction. The film is also in preparation.

* Are you working on a new movie?

** I shot a movie called ‘Vaidya’ directed by Neyamul Mukta in different locations in Birisiri Durgapur, Netrakona. Very good work is being done. Apart from that, I have completed two films.

* What is the news of your next films?

** Shooting of two movies named ‘Gangkumari’ and ‘Bildakini’ directed by Fazlul Haque Tuhin has been completed for a long time. I can’t say for sure when they will be released. Besides, the work of two Kolkata movies named “Gu-Kaku” and “Hubba” has also been completed. These two films will be released soon.

* Is there a plan to reduce the number of actors in TV series due to crowding of movies or web content?

** Not really. It was not the case that many dramas were played before. Acting is done regularly, but it can be called drama, OTT, web movie now. I made a drama of a special day. I heard that some dramas will be aired in the future. I also acted in dramas made for Eid-ul-Fitr.

* Currently there are many dramas but the characters are not permanent. What is your opinion on this?

** It cannot be said that this is a permanent character. But we can say that it does not last as before. Now, audiences are wondering which one to keep and which one to watch. Manufacturers, meanwhile, need to be more careful. Storytellers need to be aware. We are actors. We try to do whatever is given to us. Maybe sometimes I try to break the character.

* How do you hold a new character in yourself?

** Always try to give something different to the audience. It’s my job. You could say that when it comes to soaking up a new character, I try to soak up the character that the director tells me to play. In addition to the creator, the role of the storyteller is also multiple.

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