“Avatar 2”: revenue calculations before release

“Avatar 2”: revenue calculations before release

Entertainment Office: Hollywood director Jamon Cameron’s ‘Avatar: The Way of the Water’ is about two weeks away from release and film business has started to roll in.

The ‘Avatar’ sequel is estimated to take at least $150 million in its first week of release, and it could even rise to $175 million.
Avatar 2
According to Variety magazine, this picture of his earnings has emerged from various types of movie tracking.

After ‘Avatar’ was released in 2009, producer James Cameron announced its sequel. In this, there were seven times complications related to the shooting of the scenes. The release date has also been pushed back several times. Finally, the public’s 13-year wait ends on December 16.

The film is written by James Cameron, as well as directed and produced. Co-producer John Landau.

When the first episode of Avatar hit screens 13 years ago, it grossed $77 million in its first week. The film ultimately grossed $2.7 billion worldwide.

Variety says those 2009 numbers will be hard to match at the post-pandemic box office. Because not only have 13 years passed, but the post-Covid box office situation has not returned to normal, which is still struggling. Also, big markets like Russia are closed to Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Avatar-2 has been allowed to enter the Chinese market even though Russia is closed. As political tensions with the United States rose, access to the Chinese market was also difficult.

In an interview with American magazine GQ, Jamon Cameron said: “Avatar: The Way of Water was a huge investment. To do good business, the film must penetrate all markets. Otherwise, this movie might be one of the worst commercial examples in history.

“If the movie ends up being the third or the fourth or the biggest hit in the history of the motion picture industry, then the movie has recouped its cost.”

Two trailers for the film were released this month. The magical world of Na’Vid is brought to life with stunning cinematography and visual effects.
Avatar 2
Creator Jamon Cameron takes the story of the second episode of Avatar from the fictional planet Pandora to the bottom of the ocean.

The story of “Avatar: The Way of the Water” revolves around the new battle to save Pandora from Colonel Quaritch’s plots.

The cast of the first Avatar story, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana are back. Stephen Lang returns as Colonel Quaritch as ‘Khal’. The heroine of James Cameron’s Titanic, Kate Winslet, has just been joined.

Newcomers include Michelle Yeoh, Cliff Curtis, Joel David Moore, Edie Falco and Jemaine Clement.

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