Avinta’s mother calls for Bollywood’s ‘Faaraz’ to be stopped

Avinta’s mother calls for Bollywood’s ‘Faaraz’ to be stopped

Ruba Ahmed, mother of Avinta Kabir, who was killed in the Holi Artizan terrorist attack, has opposed the release of Bollywood film Faraaz. He said Faraz’s film would tarnish the country’s image. The makers of the film have not contacted them. They did not even express their sympathy for this incident. A legal notice has been sent but no response has been received.

Avinta Kabir’s family members held a press conference at around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday. The press conference was held at the office of Avinta Kabir Foundation in Shahjadpur of the capital. Abinta’s mother, Ruba Ahmed, demanded to stop the release of the movie “Faraj” while crying there.

At the press conference, Abinta Kabir’s mother Ruba Ahmed said, if this is my country, please don’t let it be posted on OTT. The locals don’t need to see this.

The Bollywood film “Faraz” is released on February 3. The trailer for this film, based on the shadow of the terrorist attack on the Holy Artisan Bakery in Gulshan, Bangladesh, was released recently. However, family members of Abinta Kabir, who died in the incident, do not want the Faraz film released.

Ruba Ahmed said: “It is not possible for a mother to see this. I am a mother, I lost my daughter. How the girl’s life is shown on the big screen, others benefit from it, and others make money from it, how would I like it as a mother. Not only my daughter, but also the image of the country is being ruined. I don’t want this movie to come to the OTT platform.

He said, “I put the film on hold for six months, otherwise the film would have been released six months early”. I discovered this film for the first time in 2019. The first poster of this film reached me on August 5, 2021. I even sent a legal notice to the directors to stop this film.

Ruba Ahmed said: “My daughter is ordinary people. My daughter is not a product. And nothing. And Avinta Kabir, my daughter. None of you knew him. Did you really know Avinta Kabir? If he hadn’t died in 2016? I didn’t know You know her name (Avinta) because she died that night.

Bollywood film Faraaz is based on the book “Holy Artisan: A Journalistic Inquiry”. The book is written by Dainik Bangla Special Correspondent, Nuruzzaman Labu.

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