Ayat was kidnapped by Crime Patrol-CID

Ayat was kidnapped by Crime Patrol-CID

Chittagong: Five-year-old Alina Islam Ayat left home to study Arabic in the mosque next door. After that, his relatives were looking for him because he had not returned home.

Posters and leaflets were also distributed in different areas in search of him. Ayat disappeared on November 14. But he was not found anywhere for several days. Daughter of Sohail Rana from Nayarhat Washmunsi Bari neighborhood of EPZ Ayat Nagar police station.

Later, a GD was filed at the EPZ police station by the family. Her grandfather appealed to the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to find his granddaughter. After that, PBI entered the field looking for verses. After analyzing video from various CCTV cameras and talking to children in the neighborhood, Abir Ali (19), the son of Ayat’s tenant, was arrested. At one stage of the continued interrogation, Abir gave information about Ayat’s murder and the dismemberment of his body into six pieces and his floating in the sea.

According to PBI, Abir had relationships with everyone in Ayat’s house as he had been a tenant for a long time. Using this opportunity, he planned to kidnap her and collect the ransom. On November 14, at around 3:30 p.m., Ayat left home to go to the nearby mosque to study Arabic. At this moment Abir took him in his arms. which was also seen by other children playing in the area. He was also seen on the CCTV camera. After that, Abir took them to the house rented by his father on the ground floor. Abir killed Ayat there by strangulation. Then he cut the child into six pieces and floated him in the sea.

On Friday (November 25), police took Abir to the sewer near the sluice gate on Akmal Ali Road in Nagar and later to the seaside in the bay terminal area near the outer ring road. However, the child’s body could not be recovered because it was washed away in “sea water”. Akmal Ali retrieved the cane used in the murder from a bush outside his mother’s house on the road. Also, the sandal from Ayat’s feet was found in the cemetery next to Ayat’s house.

PBI Chittagong Metro Inspector Morjina Akhter said Abir admitted at one point during questioning that for several days he planned to kidnap Ayat and demand a ransom from his family. For this, he also kept a SIM card that he picked up on the street. So he can call from this number and ask for money. But since the SIM was not active, he could not call back.

He said that although he confessed to the murder during his interrogation, Abir also tried to mislead the police. However, the day before, Thursday night, he essentially confessed to the murder and told police where the evidence was.

Abir told police he bought a box cutter and polythene the night after sending his mother and sister to Ayat. Unable to cut the verse with a knife, they cut off the hands, feet and head of the body with a stick at home. Then wrapped in polythene with tape and placed back in the storage shed. The next morning and the next evening he dropped six bundles, three each, into a sewer by the sea.

PBI Chittagong Metro Police Special Superintendent Naima Sultana said after analyzing footage from various CCTV cameras and talking to local children, neighbor Abir was arrested. At one point during his interrogation, he informed that Ayat had been killed and the body had been cut into six pieces and was floating in the sea.

The superintendent of police said that when Abir’s parents divorced, his mother recently rented a separate house in the pocket market area of ​​Akmal Ali Road. But the father still lives in Ayat’s house.

He said Indian TV dramas “Crime Patrol” and “CID” are his favorite series. Abir said he learned all about ransom collecting, missing corpses and loss of evidence by watching these events.

Bangladesh time: 2219 hours, November 23, 2022

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