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Babil Khan in the film follows the path of his father

Babil Khan in the film follows the path of his father

Irrfan Khan was famous as an actor, cancer took the life of this Bollywood star prematurely; However, his son Babil Khan came to the cinema following in his footsteps.

Anvita Dutt’s film “Kala” was released on Netflix on December 1. It was thanks to him that Irfan putra made his debut in the world of money.

Tollygunge actress Swastika Mukhopadhyay played an important role in ‘Kala’. Tripti Dimri is in the title role.

According to NDTV, the director chose the music industry of the 1930s-40s as the backdrop for this film in the “slow-burning” psychological drama genre. The city of Calcutta is the base of the story, although nothing of Calcutta is shown except the Howrah Bridge.

Swastika and Tripti played mother-daughter roles in the film. Babil’s screen presence is less visible than that of the two actresses.

But critics comment that Irrfanputra correctly recognized the caste even in his brief presence.

In the film, the mother’s desire for banana and satisfaction, “Pandit” should be placed before the name, not “Bai” behind. But Kala did not pass the mother’s test. Everyone congratulated her and called her peekaboo, but her mother did not accept her. Because the boy lost his swastika to the banana when he was born. “Banana” is built around this coldness of the mother-daughter relationship from this pride.

Anvita tried to portray the position of women of that time in the film ‘Kala’. Earlier he highlighted the position of women in the patriarchal society in the movie “Bulbul”. Directed a fantastic horror film. Tripti Dimri also played the lead role in it.

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