Babita on women’s freedom


Babita on women’s freedom

Internationally acclaimed actress Babita hasn’t starred in any new movies for a long time. There is also uncertainty over whether he will be seen in a new movie.

Because there have been several reports that Babita is going to star in a new movie. But in the end, he was not seen in the new movie.

Again, Babita didn’t even say she would never star in a new movie again. The story and props don’t sit well with his acting.

But Babita’s fans are still eagerly awaiting her return to the movies. He has also expressed interest in directing films. But later, he also withdrew from it.

Meanwhile, speaking to her about women’s liberation, the prominent film personality said that women’s freedom and women’s liberation feature in various discussions not only on Women’s Day, but throughout the year.

But do women really have freedom in this country? Yes, it’s true that women’s lives have changed more than before. Women work in government or private institutions. The women are standing on their own feet. But how much in percentage?

If a woman is still a widow, can she return to her parents? Can in-laws consider themselves their own daughter or sister? can not In this case, the life of a woman turns into uncertainty. Sometimes the woman is forced to choose the path of suicide. If so, which women were able to be independent?

Babita said that, still in our country, it can be said that cases of rape often occur. Most are not prosecuted. Criminals have the courage to commit more crimes. We need to get out of this situation quickly. Women also play a special role in the important work of the country. They should be given due respect.

Success or bravery is not everything, with a few exceptions for women. I think women should face any difficult situation with courage. Rastra should give him his full support in this regard. It will get women’s liberation, women’s freedom will get.

Babita was last seen in Nargis Akhtar’s Putra Nach Paisawala. Babita was recognized as an international actress in the world by starring in the film “Ashni Sanket” by Oscar-winning director Satyajit Ray.

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