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Babu, hero of Moushuri, know the response of the public


Babu, hero of Moushuri, know the response of the public

What is that! This is the face I’m looking for. What is my flute looking for? Fazlur Rahman Babu said the words in his heart after seeing Mousumi. Losing his head again at the sound of his flute, Moushumi candidly said, “When you play the flute in deep Rai, my mind is enchanted.”

This romantic conversation was heard in the trailer for a new movie. This is called the “failure”. The government-funded film is directed by Mirza Sakhawat Hossain. He recently unveiled his special trailer.

Moushumi plays the role of a bracelet seller in ‘Bhangan’. And Fazlur Rahman Babu is introduced as a banshi player. Incidentally, a love story develops between them. But even within him the wind of discontent is blowing.

Moushumi said with tears in her eyes, ‘I only love you in my life.’ Babu replied in a calm tone, “At the sound of the flute, I seek Janam Janam in you. Believe me, I think if I lose you in this life, my flute will also go to Thailand.

The extent of Babu-Mosumi’s chemistry will be fully understood after the release of the movie “Bhangan”. However, it’s clear that most viewers aren’t happy with the trailer. Various negative public comments about the trailer on YouTube and Facebook make this clear.

Netizen Shakeel Khan commented, “Mosumi’s performance is getting worse day by day compared to Jatrapala.” According to a person named Noor, the money the government gave for this film should be taken back. A visitor named Zulkarnain complained about Fazlur Rahman Babu. Wrote: ‘How did Fazlur Rahman Babu sign this movie! These movies don’t go with him.

Audience reaction to the trailer Meanwhile, producer Mirza Sakhawat Hossain said his film was ready for release after production. If all goes well, it will be released on November 4.

It can be noted that the film ‘Bhangan’ received a government grant in the financial year 2020-21. In addition to Babu-Mausumi, Mirza Afrin, Pran Roy, Rasheda Chowdhury, Khalilur Rahman Quadri, Himel Raj, Anwar Sirazi and others acted there.

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