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Bad Dipankar De! Fake death news! Are they Yorkies? Annoyed Dolan Roy

Bad Dipankar De! Fake death news! Are they Yorkies? Annoyed Dolan Roy

Bangladeshi office: The violence of fake news is gradually increasing due to social networks. False information about the death of healthy people is spreading on the net. Celebrities are mainly victims of this kind of fake news. Recently, the same incident happened with actress Dolon Roy. The news of his relatives’ illness has spread in different ways like the news of Swami Deepankar Dey’s (Deepankar Dey) illness.

Dolan posted a message on social media on January 1. ‘I’m not well’, wrote only that. Although he didn’t say anything in this message, he told a media outlet that his brother’s son was sick. He’s only three months old. The actress said the newborn had problems due to premature birth. Sometimes everything was fine. Suddenly, the situation worsens.

The newborn was admitted to intensive care with a lung infection. Dolan was troubled by this thought. Utkantha spoke out on social media. But without understanding, some people and some media turn the case to the other side, it is claimed. It turns out that Dipankar Dey fell ill and was hospitalized.

Dolan is understandably angry about this. He angered the media. The actress complained that some media publish such news. But he does not understand why they are made. His brother’s grandson was sick. After being in intensive care for so long, he was recently given a normal bed.

Dolan had been worried about it since late last year. He doesn’t understand where Dipankar comes from. From illness to death of the veteran actor, fake news is spreading on social networks. Titi Dolan is upset by the affair. Stop spreading fake news immediately, pleads the actress.

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