Bajaj made the second Nano! This car with great mileage is found at the price of a bicycle

Bajaj made the second Nano! This car with great mileage is found at the price of a bicycle

Bangla Hunt Desk: Recently, news of Nano’s relaunch in the form of an electric car has come to the fore. Around which extreme interest has already been observed among customers. It was in this situation that another surprising piece of information appeared. Basically, this time Bajaj’s Qute car is the focus. This car was released by Bajaj in 2018. But it was not marketed as a private vehicle.

Originally, this vehicle was placed in a quadricycle category. Also, it was priced at Rs 2.48 lakh at that time. However, it is known that the car named Cute will be launched as a private car. In addition, it has already received NCAT approval. Four people can sit in this car. Also, its price will be between Rs 2.80 lakh to Rs 3 lakh.

What is a quadricycle? In this context, a quadricycle is a vehicle that falls between three-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles. They don’t actually follow all the rules for cars but when launched as a car they must follow all the rules set for cars. Besides, Bajaj’s Qute also has a rooftop. Which makes it look exactly like a car.

Some changes have been made: For now, some changes have been made to Qute by the company. In addition, its weight has been increased by 17 kg after being homologated in the category of non-transport vehicles. The car will be powered by a 216cc single-cylinder engine producing 12hp. Most notably, the car will have a top speed of 70-80 km/h. Previously the Qute also had a CNG variant which was a utility vehicle. It is now believed to be available in CNG and LPG variants as well as petrol as a private car.

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The engine will be at the rear: The cute car can accommodate 4 people, including the driver. Moreover, it will have the same rear motor as the Nano. In this case, this car will also come with features like air conditioning, airbags, disc brakes and power steering. In addition, the car will have sliding and manual windows. Additionally, the Cute will have a 6-speed manual gearbox. Of which there will be 5 forward sequential gears and one reverse, i.e. reverse. According to the information received in this connection, the mileage of this model will be about 36 km per liter. Moreover, it will be considered a four-door car.

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