Band Stone brings ‘Alor Shihran’

Band Stone brings ‘Alor Shihran’

Progressive and alternative rock band ‘Stone’ releases an album after ten years of formation. The group started their journey from Chittagong, the city of group music, and are currently performing in various parts of the country.

Basically, they took the initiative to officially release the album after the audience was created. Their first song ‘Alor Shiharan’ from their debut album ‘Abash Pralap’ was released on November 2.

According to the band, the album was supposed to be released in 2020, but the initiative was postponed due to the Corona epidemic. Besides the song ‘Alor Shiharan’, the debut album consisted of 8 songs including ‘Megh’, ‘Nei Tumi’, ‘Amanush’, ‘Bishader Alingan’, ‘Ghune Chna Shabar’, ‘Bristhi’ and ‘Abash Pralap’.

They are going to release the songs at regular intervals this year. Apart from posting on its own YouTube channel, they will be streamed on all popular international music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer.

At first, animated lyric videos of the songs will be released, but some songs will be released as music videos given public acceptance.

The band’s spokesperson, lead guitarist Shahed, said our journey started in 2013. ‘Stone’ is a progressive and alternative rock band from Bangladesh. However, we have also conducted various experiments on other musical genres at different times. We have participated in various concerts in almost all over Bangladesh including Dhaka, Chittagong.

We grew up singing in front of audiences at concerts and on TV. Now we officially release our selected songs as an album for all levels of audience. ‘Alor Shihran’ is such a song. I hope the public will enjoy it.

Shahed said that in 2016, the group’s first song “Abash Pralap” was released. “Stone” won the love and support of the audience in the very first song. In 2018, two songs titled “Bhul Sapna” and “Ma” were released.

Currently Stone Band line up is Ajay (Vocal), Abhi (Drums), Shahed (Lead Guitar), Rafi (Bass Guitar), Mithu (Lead Guitar). Ajay and Mithu are the original composers of the lyrics and music of ‘Stone’. Although the composition of the song is their joint creation.

According to Stone, they will celebrate the release of ‘Abash Pralap’ album with a solo concert in Chittagong, Dhaka, Noakhali, Rajshahi and Sylhet, one of the 5 districts of Bangladesh in January next year.


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